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General questions

How will the tickets be deliverd?

Tickets for our Rugby matches will be delivered as follows:

  • Hardcopy (by Fedex) or
  • Mobile (by dedicated app)
  • E-tickets (by e-mail)

*delivery method is able to change prior the event by the event organizer.

When will I receive the tickets?

You will receive e-tickets approximately 1-7 days before the match you ordered. Hardcopy tickets will be send out a lot sooner. In case you are travelling a couple days prior to the event, we can also send the tickets to your travel destination.

If I order multiple tickets, am I guaranteed to sit next to each other?

Rugby Box Office guarantees that when you order two tickets, the seats will be located next to each other. For more than two tickets we do our best to find seats next to each other. When it’s impossible to find seats next to each other, the seats will always be two by two, which means that when ordering an even amount of tickets no one ever sits alone.

What is my place in the stadium?

The seating plan at the product page provides a good indication of your place in the stadium. At the time of ordering, it is not possible to determine the exact location of your seats in the stadium.

What if I lose my ticket?

Unfortunately, we can’t offer a refund or replacement in case of lost, stolen or damaged tickets. When you’ve received your tickets, they are your property. From that point on they will no longer be protected by our Ticket Guarantee. Make sure you save your tickets in a secure environment.  

Did I receive the correct tickets?

When you think you received the incorrect tickets, compare the ticket category with the information of your order confirmation. If this is not matching, please contact our customer support team.

Why is there a different name listed on my tickets?

Rugby Box Office resells tickets for various events. We buy tickets through a large network of suppliers. The name that you see on your ticket is the name of the original purchaser. This information has to remain on the ticket, otherwise it will no longer be valid. However, each ticket has a unique bar code, by which the validity of the card is guaranteed.

Are there any VIP packages available?

In addition to the traditional categories, Rugby Box Office offers special hospitality packages. Interested in Hospitality for a specific game? E-mail us at


Do children get discounts at the stadium?

Children receive no discount on tickets to rugby games, unless stated otherwise.

Are the prices shown per person?

Yes, all prices on the website are for one ticket.

The price on the tickets is less than I paid, what is wrong?

The price you pay is the result of several factors. Availability of the tickets, the method of delivery of the tickets and the demand for and supply of tickets determines the selling price. This is the reason that prices may vary from day to day, and sometimes the selling price varies from the original price.

Ordering Tickets

Can I cancel my order after I have ordered?

Yes, it is possible to cancel your order. But keep in mind we have a cancellation policy for this. You can find our full cancellation policy in article 11 in our Terms and Conditions. Please read this carefully and decide if you still want to cancel your order. If so, please contact our customer support team by e-mail.  

I cannot order tickets via the website, now what?

You can always contact our customer support team. You can contact us by the free chat, telephone (Telephone T.B.C.) or by e-mail. Our customer support team is available daily to answer all your questions.

I just ordered tickets through the website, now what?

In a couple minutes you will receive a confirmation e-mail with all the details of your order. You can also find more information regarding your order in this e-mail.

What payment options are there?

Via the website you can quickly and safely pay through iDeal, Credit Card or Paypal.

Can I also pay by bank transfer?

We always recommend to order your tickets via our website because this is the easiest for you. But when you are not able or willing to pay via Credit Card, PayPal or iDEAL we can of course send you an invoice. Contact us via e-mail to ask for an invoice.

Collapsible rowCan I order by phone?

If you are unable, for whatever reason, to order tickets via the website please call us at any time. Our customer service is at your disposal every day to help with all problems, such as completing your order.