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Six Nations: Italy - France

Six Nations: Italy - France

  • Stadio Olimpico
  • 23 February 2025
  • Only 220 days until the event!
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Fast delivery with E-tickets | Played at Stadio Olímpico | Kickoff 15:00

Rugby Box Office is your place to go if you are planning to bring a visit to the Stadio Olimpico in Rome. Tickets to Italy matches are very demanded so book them before they are sold out!

No matter if you're a devoted rugby enthusiast or just discovering the allure of the sport, witnessing an Italian rugby match is an extraordinary adventure. It's more than just a game; it's a captivating experience that embodies the vibrant spirit of Italy and the very soul of rugby. Seize the opportunity to be part of this thrilling spectacle where each moment is crafted into a lasting memory. Join the wave of azure and experience the enchantment of Italian rugby up close and personal!

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